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Monthly WiLL Why do young people support Abe?
2013/01 Monthly Masaron Abe Bashing Fanaticism in the Lost Country
2013/02 Monthly Voice Major Reforms Since the Meiji Era: If there is "deception" on the foundation of the nation, security will not be blurred" (Interview with Michiko Hasegawa)
2013/04 Bessatsu Masaron To avoid losing the challenger to the "postwar regime" again
2013/07 Monthly WiLL The issue of comfort women in the war threatens with national difficulties (interview with Shoichi Watanabe)
2013/07 Choice for tomorrow One-sword platform: The story of hitting, two titles
2013/09 Monthly Voice Yasukuni's Theology and Private Theory (Part 1) What Emerged through the Great East Asia War: Where Mythical Hearings of ethnic Souls Are Established
2013/10 Monthly Voice Yasukuni's Theology and Private Theory (Part 2) The National Movement of Yasukuni Visits: There can be no "Postwar" Without Listening to the Words of the Spirit
2013/11 Monthly Masaron 40 Years of Recollection: The Spirit of "Turvy" That Confronted "Postwar War"


Monthly Voice The Real Game Now: Strategies to Break Away from The Like-Unrealism of Postwar Japanese Politics
2014/04 Monthly Voice Abe's Foreign Policy Private Theory: Development of Ideas to Avoid The Genus
2014/04 Monthly Masaron Letter to Ambassador Kennedy: Yasukuni and His Cousin's Suicide
2014/05 Monthly Masaron Letter to anti-nuclear culture people
2014/05 Choice for tomorrow What should maintenance do to break through the "Defeated Country Regime" (discussion with Toshio Watanabe and Hidetsugu Yagi)
2014/05 Words Contain the move to break the Abe administration to break the postwar regime
2014/06 Monthly Voice What is Maintenance: To Thought, WarFul Manners
2014/07 Monthly Masaron I realize that "here and now" is a battlefield
2014/Autumn Bungei Shunju SPECIAL National Constitution theory in the 70th year after the war: Review the postwar period – that's right. But what did you really lose?
2014/10 Monthly Voice At the last minute, we will not be able to prevent a rapid decline in national power without Prime Minister Abe.
2014/10 Words Vol.1 Addressing, saying, and proponenting to the Abe administration: The abe administration's challenges are nothing more than that of us conservatives
2014/11 a history-a-goer Shinzo Abe is attracting the world's attention
2014/11 Words Vol.2 The only question is the Asahi Shimbun: The unity of conservatives to eradicate the Asahi anti-Japanese constitution


Monthly Voice Is there a "winning opportunity" for the recovery of the national constitution: a person with the mark of "history" – a resort of Prime Minister Abe
2015/01 The Breath of Japan A world that is historically carefully moved (interview with Mr. Toshio Watanabe)
Spring 2015 Bungei Shunju SPECIAL Yukio Mishima Homework for 45 years after his death: Hideo Kobayashi's sympathy, Atsushi Eto's sense of incongruity. ask again in 45 years after death
2015/02 Monthly Masaron Great "Common Sense": Hisahiko Okazaki's Showa History :Shigemitsu to Togo and Its Time
2015/03 Words Vol.3 "Peace bokeh" of the leftist face seen from the abenomics criticism of the maintenance
2015/05 General Feature: Fukuda Tsunei Human Beings, This Dramatic Thing Fukuda Drama and Mishima Drama: What Is True Classicity?
2015/05 Monthly Masaron Shinichi Kitaoka's "Make the Prime Minister Say Invasion" Remarks
2015/06 Words Vol.4 Abenomics as the foundation for realizing the conservative philosophy
2015/07 Monthly Masaron Thinking about Postwar Thought and Maintenance Ed., Five Books for Japan: Attitudes toward Life
2015/07 Homeland and Youth Seventy Years After The War: Reexaquest pacifism
2015/12 Words Vol.5 It is the people who read the japanese language to be read that truly revives Japan.


Monthly Masaron Letter to Koyuri Yoshinaga: If You Love "Peace"
2016/04 Homeland and Youth In search of the thought of independence after the loss
2016/04 Monthly WiLL I don't allow illegal reporting! TBS's "Social Ineligibility"
2016/06 Choice for tomorrow The day TV brings totalitarianism to Japan
2016/06 Monthly Hanada 'Serious crime' committed by TBS: TBS dead twice
2016/06 Monthly Masaron Realism of common sense with an eye on the chronicles Reasons why constitutional revision should be started with "Article 9 paragraph 2"
2016/07 Monthly Masaron Eve of the exile or loss of freedom
2016/07 Monthly Hanada Clash discussion: Is TV biased (interview with Soichiro Tahara)
2016/09 Monthly Masaron Why the Constitution Was At Issue- The Fall of Party Politics
2016/10 Monthly Voice Yoshiro Yasuda and the Manyoshu (Part 1) The History of Japan Spun with Songs and the Purity of the Imperial Family
2016/11 Monthly Voice Yasuda Yojuro and Manyoshu (part 2 of 2) Those who have a strong sense of objection and death in "politics" to the same period
2016/11 Choice for tomorrow Can I allow media runaways?
2016/11 Monthly Masaron Japan Ijin Rendition Series No.2: Oe Kenzaburo — Worn esotericity Hidden poverty
2016/12 Monthly Hanada Read my Words of the Emperor


Monthly Masaron Conservative Declaration
2017/03 Monthly Hanada What's wrong with "Dentsu Onijunori"
2017/04 Monthly Masaron Which is the U.S.-Japan alliance getting? (Discussion with Mr. Shinji Kami and Mr. Michiro Ezaki)
2017/05 Monthly Hanada The Truth of the Moritomo Gakuen Riot: The Anomalies of The Opposition Party of The Country of Sales and the Media
2017/08 JAPANISM 38 The Actual Situation of The Suppression of Speech by Liberalists (Roundtables with Robert D. Erdridge, Kent Gilbert and KAZUYA)
2017/08 Monthly Hanada Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and the Japanese Communist Party
2017/09 Monthly Masaron Hidehiro Okada In Memory "History is Culture" Antithesis to Modern History
2017/09 Monthly Hanada Accusation scoop: Shigeru Ishiba is the "main culprit" of the Kake Gakuen problem
2017/10 Monthly Hanada "Abe-Bashing" asahi shimbun and Bungei Shunju (conversation with Yoshiko Sakurai and Rui Ahiru)
2017/11 Choice for tomorrow "Bankruptcy" of the media highlighted by Moritomo and Kake report
2017/11 Monthly Hanada The largest postwar report, the Asahi Shimbun"Kake Report" thorough verification
2017/Winter Bungei Shunju SPECIAL Break away from the unreasonable GHQ bereaved: the devastation of the word "abdication in life" – now is the time to correct the "fatal flaw"
2017/12 JAPANISM 40 Interview "Thorough verification TV report "The making of lies"
2017/12 Monthly Sachi Is this all right for Japanese TV coverage?
2017/12 Monthly Masaron MEGA What is required for modern maintenance (interview with Michiaki Ezaki)


Monthly Hanada Moritomo and Kake reported on the Asahi Shimbun's speech terrorism (interview with Mr. Akira Hasegawa)
2018/01 Monthly Voice Why I'm fighting the asahi, the media breaks freedom.
2018/01 Monthly Masaron Morikake's "People's Trial" raises the thoughts of members of the Diet (interview with Mr. Nobuyuki Kaji)
2018/02 Monthly Masaron

The Asahi Shimbun, which sends such things, is the corrupt power (laughs) (interview with Masayuki Takayama)

2018/02 Monthly Hanada

Full refutation of asahi protests: Shame on the newspaper

2018/03 Monthly Masaron

The 18th Seiron Shinfu Award Commemorative Paper: "Crisis" and "Intellectuals" – Get the Power of "Thought" to Move "World History"

2018/03 Monthly Hanada

Asahi lawsuit "demand for compensation of 50 million yen" is an obliteration of speech

2018/04 Monthly Hanada

Asahi Shimbun Suicide

2018/04 JAPANISM 42

Opposition parties and the media destroying national sovereignty (interview with Mr. Mizumi Sugita)

2018/04 Monthly Hanada Selection

There is no "freedom of speech" in the Japanese media.

2018/04 Monthly Voice

Face the crisis, the folly of leaving the way you work to the country.

2018/05 Monthly Hanada

Asahi Shimbun "forgerys" complaint in claim for damages of 50 million yen

2018/05 Monthly Masaron

Love supremacy disease that leads to the death of Japanese

2018/06 Monthly Hanada

What is being asked about Japan now is whether to take "common sense" or "madness"

2018/07 Monthly Hanada

Japan is now a "comedy-fearing society"

2018/08 Monthly Hanada

I'll tell Shinjiro Koizumi if I can break away from being a true politician.

2018/08 Monthly Hanada Selection

Emergency Contribution A New "Promised Day" Again Now

2018/08 Monthly Voice

The challenges of the "next three years" that have become clear Who is draining the Abe administration so much-

2018/09 Monthly Hanada

The eldest son of Kagoike confesses to reflection Parents apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Abe (talk with Mr. and Mrs. Kamo Kagoike)

2018/09 The Breath of Japan

What the Abe administration has achieved

2018/10 Monthly Voice

Empower the Nation, The Hundred Years Of Freedom

2018/10 Monthly Hanada

Post-Abe "Seven Conditions"

2018/10 Shincho 45

Politics cannot save the subjectivity of "difficulty living"

2018/10 JAPANISM 44

From Japan in the state of witch hunting to japan of course (interview with Mr. Mizumi Sugita)

2018/11 Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Abe runs through with three years remaining (interview with Tomohiko Taniguchi)

2018/11 Choice for tomorrow

How to confront the great transformation of this era (Symposium with Mr. Chikara Nishioka and Mr. Kunihiro Okada)

2018/11 Monthly Masaron

Postwar Liberal "Three Villain" Chosen by Masaron Readers: Selection and Commentary

2018/12 Monthly Hanada

Shincho 445, discontinued and free speech Eitaro Ogawa Exclusive Notes: To those who convicted me


The Breath of Japan

Stand on the head of the Reiwa

2019/01 Monthly Hanada

The Suicide of Publishers and The Self-Destruction of Speech : To The Press Who Treats Me As Racist

2019/02 JAPANISM 47

The press has become propaganda

2019/03 Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Abe and conservatives appeal

2019/06 JAPANISM 49

Heisei era when the leading role shifted from Ozawa to Abe

2019/07 Monthly Masaron

Eliminate postwar ideology and restore the "nation"

2019/07 Sunday Daily

Conservative Liberal Clash Thought: Recognition of History, Evaluation of the Abe Administration (Interview with Takao Saito)

2019/08 Monthly Hanada

equation of Reiwa Japan victory

2019/08 JAPANISM 50

Explore spiritual as a natural science

2019/09 Monthly Hanada

Asahi 50 million yen lawsuit interim report Asahi Shimbun is an antisocial organization

2019/10 Monthly Masaron

Special Feature: You Are The Ones Who Make "Crippling"

2019/10 Monthly Hanada

The Identity of "Shiori Ito" Who Insulted Sex Victims

2019/11 History-based Aizo Version

2,000 years of struggle to protect the country

2019/11 Monthly Hanada

Is Shiori Ito a sexual victim?

2019/12 JAPANISM 52

Vulgar Battles between Anti-Capitalists in the Shiori Ito Issue (Interview with Mr. Takayuki Yamaguchi)


Monthly WiLL

The Essence of Kokuji: The Fusion of Jindai and the Human Power Generation (Interview with Michiko Hasegawa)

2020/01 Apple Town

To tell the truth, academicism and the media face guerrilla warfare (interview with Mototani Sotoshio)

2020/01 Monthly Hanada

Shiori Ito

2020/01 WAGO

How should we live in Reiwa age? (From the Japan Business People's Social Gathering)

2020/02 The Breath of Japan

In the 1,300 years of the compilation of "Nihon Shoki"

2020/02 Monthly Hanada

Cherry Blossom Viewing Party and Emperor Aiko

2020/03 WiLL SPECIAL: So now is the time to revise the Constitution

There can only be constitutional reform in the Abe era: the time of "movement" rather than "theory"

2020/05 Monthly Hanada

The Prime Minister's decision stopped the outbreak.

2020/07 Monthly Hanada

Professor Nishiura and the great sin of the expert meeting – 80% of the action restrictions were not necessary!

2020/07 Monthly WiLL

"Unscience Kabe" – Expert Meeting to Stray Prime Minister Abe's Judgment

2020/07 Choice for tomorrow

What to learn from wuhan virus disaster

2020/07 Monthly WiLL

Designate China as a Terrorist Nation (Interview with Masayuki Takayama)

2020/08 Monthly Hanada

Long-Awaited Theory of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

2020/09 Monthly WiLL

The new Corona 2nd Wave does not come (interview with Yasuhiko Uekubo)

2020/10 Monthly WiLL

I say it as many times as I want. Corona is an asymptomatic cold (interview with Yasuhiko Uekubo)

2020/11 Monthly Hanada

Address to Prime Minister Masanori Kan The Ideal Road to Prime Minister

2020/11 The Breath of Japan

What the Abe administration left behind

2020/11 Monthly WiLL

Prime Minister Abe regained Japan (interview with Mr. Rui Ahiru)

2020/12 Monthly WiLL

Did you fulfill accountability for allegations of misconduct in research funds (interview with Masayuki Takayama)


Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Kan, a true conservative government


Monthly Hanada

Abnormal prosecution leaks abe sabotage


Monthly Hanada

Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of Tokyo Doctor' s "Vandal Brainwashing Activities"



Critics are producers of society


Monthly Hanada

Yuriko Koike's ambitions are frustrated


Monthly Hanada

Asahi's Extortion Lawsuit I Will Not Lose!


Monthly Hanada

Shigeru Omi's Theory of The Dead


Monthly Hanada

Clusters of exiles spreading in Japan


Monthly Hanada

LGBT Bill and Marital Surname (Interview with Tomomi Inada)