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Monthly WiLLWhy do young people support Abe?
2013/01Monthly MasaronAbe Bashing Fanaticism in the Lost Country
2013/02Monthly VoiceMajor Reforms Since the Meiji Era: If there is "deception" on the foundation of the nation, security will not be blurred" (Interview with Michiko Hasegawa)
2013/04Bessatsu MasaronTo avoid losing the challenger to the "postwar regime" again
2013/07Monthly WiLLThe issue of comfort women in the war threatens with national difficulties (interview with Shoichi Watanabe)
2013/07Choice for tomorrowOne-sword platform: The story of hitting, two titles
2013/09Monthly VoiceYasukuni's Theology and Private Theory (Part 1) What Emerged through the Great East Asia War: Where Mythical Hearings of ethnic Souls Are Established
2013/10Monthly VoiceYasukuni's Theology and Private Theory (Part 2) The National Movement of Yasukuni Visits: There can be no "Postwar" Without Listening to the Words of the Spirit
2013/11Monthly Masaron40 Years of Recollection: The Spirit of "Turvy" That Confronted "Postwar War"


Monthly VoiceThe Real Game Now: Strategies to Break Away from The Like-Unrealism of Postwar Japanese Politics
2014/04Monthly VoiceAbe's Foreign Policy Private Theory: Development of Ideas to Avoid The Genus
2014/04Monthly MasaronLetter to Ambassador Kennedy: Yasukuni and His Cousin's Suicide
2014/05Monthly MasaronLetter to anti-nuclear culture people
2014/05Choice for tomorrowWhat should maintenance do to break through the "Defeated Country Regime" (discussion with Toshio Watanabe and Hidetsugu Yagi)
2014/05WordsContain the move to break the Abe administration to break the postwar regime
2014/06Monthly VoiceWhat is Maintenance: To Thought, WarFul Manners
2014/07Monthly MasaronI realize that "here and now" is a battlefield
2014/AutumnBungei Shunju SPECIALNational Constitution theory in the 70th year after the war: Review the postwar period – that's right. But what did you really lose?
2014/10Monthly VoiceAt the last minute, we will not be able to prevent a rapid decline in national power without Prime Minister Abe.
2014/10Words Vol.1Addressing, saying, and proponenting to the Abe administration: The abe administration's challenges are nothing more than that of us conservatives
2014/11a history-a-goerShinzo Abe is attracting the world's attention
2014/11Words Vol.2The only question is the Asahi Shimbun: The unity of conservatives to eradicate the Asahi anti-Japanese constitution


Monthly VoiceIs there a "winning opportunity" for the recovery of the national constitution: a person with the mark of "history" – a resort of Prime Minister Abe
2015/01The Breath of JapanA world that is historically carefully moved (interview with Mr. Toshio Watanabe)
Spring 2015Bungei Shunju SPECIALYukio Mishima Homework for 45 years after his death: Hideo Kobayashi's sympathy, Atsushi Eto's sense of incongruity. ask again in 45 years after death
2015/02Monthly MasaronGreat "Common Sense": Hisahiko Okazaki's Showa History :Shigemitsu to Togo and Its Time
2015/03Words Vol.3"Peace bokeh" of the leftist face seen from the abenomics criticism of the maintenance
2015/05General Feature: Fukuda Tsunei Human Beings, This Dramatic ThingFukuda Drama and Mishima Drama: What Is True Classicity?
2015/05Monthly MasaronShinichi Kitaoka's "Make the Prime Minister Say Invasion" Remarks
2015/06Words Vol.4Abenomics as the foundation for realizing the conservative philosophy
2015/07Monthly MasaronThinking about Postwar Thought and Maintenance Ed., Five Books for Japan: Attitudes toward Life
2015/07Homeland and YouthSeventy Years After The War: Reexaquest pacifism
2015/12Words Vol.5It is the people who read the japanese language to be read that truly revives Japan.


Monthly MasaronLetter to Koyuri Yoshinaga: If You Love "Peace"
2016/04Homeland and YouthIn search of the thought of independence after the loss
2016/04Monthly WiLLI don't allow illegal reporting! TBS's "Social Ineligibility"
2016/06Choice for tomorrowThe day TV brings totalitarianism to Japan
2016/06Monthly Hanada'Serious crime' committed by TBS: TBS dead twice
2016/06Monthly MasaronRealism of common sense with an eye on the chronicles Reasons why constitutional revision should be started with "Article 9 paragraph 2"
2016/07Monthly MasaronEve of the exile or loss of freedom
2016/07Monthly HanadaClash discussion: Is TV biased (interview with Soichiro Tahara)
2016/09Monthly MasaronWhy the Constitution Was At Issue- The Fall of Party Politics
2016/10Monthly VoiceYoshiro Yasuda and the Manyoshu (Part 1) The History of Japan Spun with Songs and the Purity of the Imperial Family
2016/11Monthly VoiceYasuda Yojuro and Manyoshu (part 2 of 2) Those who have a strong sense of objection and death in "politics" to the same period
2016/11Choice for tomorrowCan I allow media runaways?
2016/11Monthly MasaronJapan Ijin Rendition Series No.2: Oe Kenzaburo — Worn esotericity Hidden poverty
2016/12Monthly HanadaRead my Words of the Emperor


Monthly MasaronConservative Declaration
2017/03Monthly HanadaWhat's wrong with "Dentsu Onijunori"
2017/04Monthly MasaronWhich is the U.S.-Japan alliance getting? (Discussion with Mr. Shinji Kami and Mr. Michiro Ezaki)
2017/05Monthly HanadaThe Truth of the Moritomo Gakuen Riot: The Anomalies of The Opposition Party of The Country of Sales and the Media
2017/08JAPANISM 38The Actual Situation of The Suppression of Speech by Liberalists (Roundtables with Robert D. Erdridge, Kent Gilbert and KAZUYA)
2017/08Monthly HanadaTokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and the Japanese Communist Party
2017/09Monthly MasaronHidehiro Okada In Memory "History is Culture" Antithesis to Modern History
2017/09Monthly HanadaAccusation scoop: Shigeru Ishiba is the "main culprit" of the Kake Gakuen problem
2017/10Monthly Hanada"Abe-Bashing" asahi shimbun and Bungei Shunju (conversation with Yoshiko Sakurai and Rui Ahiru)
2017/11Choice for tomorrow"Bankruptcy" of the media highlighted by Moritomo and Kake report
2017/11Monthly HanadaThe largest postwar report, the Asahi Shimbun"Kake Report" thorough verification
2017/WinterBungei Shunju SPECIALBreak away from the unreasonable GHQ bereaved: the devastation of the word "abdication in life" – now is the time to correct the "fatal flaw"
2017/12JAPANISM 40Interview "Thorough verification TV report "The making of lies"
2017/12Monthly SachiIs this all right for Japanese TV coverage?
2017/12Monthly Masaron MEGAWhat is required for modern maintenance (interview with Michiaki Ezaki)


Monthly HanadaMoritomo and Kake reported on the Asahi Shimbun's speech terrorism (interview with Mr. Akira Hasegawa)
2018/01Monthly VoiceWhy I'm fighting the asahi, the media breaks freedom.
2018/01Monthly MasaronMorikake's "People's Trial" raises the thoughts of members of the Diet (interview with Mr. Nobuyuki Kaji)
2018/02Monthly Masaron

The Asahi Shimbun, which sends such things, is the corrupt power (laughs) (interview with Masayuki Takayama)

2018/02Monthly Hanada

Full refutation of asahi protests: Shame on the newspaper

2018/03Monthly Masaron

The 18th Seiron Shinfu Award Commemorative Paper: "Crisis" and "Intellectuals" – Get the Power of "Thought" to Move "World History"

2018/03Monthly Hanada

Asahi lawsuit "demand for compensation of 50 million yen" is an obliteration of speech

2018/04Monthly Hanada

Asahi Shimbun Suicide

2018/04JAPANISM 42

Opposition parties and the media destroying national sovereignty (interview with Mr. Mizumi Sugita)

2018/04Monthly Hanada Selection

There is no "freedom of speech" in the Japanese media.

2018/04Monthly Voice

Face the crisis, the folly of leaving the way you work to the country.

2018/05Monthly Hanada

Asahi Shimbun "forgerys" complaint in claim for damages of 50 million yen

2018/05Monthly Masaron

Love supremacy disease that leads to the death of Japanese

2018/06Monthly Hanada

What is being asked about Japan now is whether to take "common sense" or "madness"

2018/07Monthly Hanada

Japan is now a "comedy-fearing society"

2018/08Monthly Hanada

I'll tell Shinjiro Koizumi if I can break away from being a true politician.

2018/08Monthly Hanada Selection

Emergency Contribution A New "Promised Day" Again Now

2018/08Monthly Voice

The challenges of the "next three years" that have become clear Who is draining the Abe administration so much-

2018/09Monthly Hanada

The eldest son of Kagoike confesses to reflection Parents apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Abe (talk with Mr. and Mrs. Kamo Kagoike)

2018/09The Breath of Japan

What the Abe administration has achieved

2018/10Monthly Voice

Empower the Nation, The Hundred Years Of Freedom

2018/10Monthly Hanada

Post-Abe "Seven Conditions"

2018/10Shincho 45

Politics cannot save the subjectivity of "difficulty living"

2018/10JAPANISM 44

From Japan in the state of witch hunting to japan of course (interview with Mr. Mizumi Sugita)

2018/11Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Abe runs through with three years remaining (interview with Tomohiko Taniguchi)

2018/11Choice for tomorrow

How to confront the great transformation of this era (Symposium with Mr. Chikara Nishioka and Mr. Kunihiro Okada)

2018/11Monthly Masaron

Postwar Liberal "Three Villain" Chosen by Masaron Readers: Selection and Commentary

2018/12Monthly Hanada

Shincho 445, discontinued and free speech Eitaro Ogawa Exclusive Notes: To those who convicted me


The Breath of Japan

Stand on the head of the Reiwa

2019/01Monthly Hanada

The Suicide of Publishers and The Self-Destruction of Speech : To The Press Who Treats Me As Racist

2019/02JAPANISM 47

The press has become propaganda

2019/03Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Abe and conservatives appeal

2019/06JAPANISM 49

Heisei era when the leading role shifted from Ozawa to Abe

2019/07Monthly Masaron

Eliminate postwar ideology and restore the "nation"

2019/07Sunday Daily

Conservative Liberal Clash Thought: Recognition of History, Evaluation of the Abe Administration (Interview with Takao Saito)

2019/08Monthly Hanada

equation of Reiwa Japan victory

2019/08JAPANISM 50

Explore spiritual as a natural science

2019/09Monthly Hanada

Asahi 50 million yen lawsuit interim report Asahi Shimbun is an antisocial organization

2019/10Monthly Masaron

Special Feature: You Are The Ones Who Make "Crippling"

2019/10Monthly Hanada

The Identity of "Shiori Ito" Who Insulted Sex Victims

2019/11History-based Aizo Version

2,000 years of struggle to protect the country

2019/11Monthly Hanada

Is Shiori Ito a sexual victim?

2019/12JAPANISM 52

Vulgar Battles between Anti-Capitalists in the Shiori Ito Issue (Interview with Mr. Takayuki Yamaguchi)


Monthly WiLL

The Essence of Kokuji: The Fusion of Jindai and the Human Power Generation (Interview with Michiko Hasegawa)

2020/01Apple Town

To tell the truth, academicism and the media face guerrilla warfare (interview with Mototani Sotoshio)

2020/01Monthly Hanada

Shiori Ito


How should we live in Reiwa age? (From the Japan Business People's Social Gathering)

2020/02The Breath of Japan

In the 1,300 years of the compilation of "Nihon Shoki"

2020/02Monthly Hanada

Cherry Blossom Viewing Party and Emperor Aiko

2020/03WiLL SPECIAL: So now is the time to revise the Constitution

There can only be constitutional reform in the Abe era: the time of "movement" rather than "theory"

2020/05Monthly Hanada

The Prime Minister's decision stopped the outbreak.

2020/07Monthly Hanada

Professor Nishiura and the great sin of the expert meeting – 80% of the action restrictions were not necessary!

2020/07Monthly WiLL

"Unscience Kabe" – Expert Meeting to Stray Prime Minister Abe's Judgment

2020/07Choice for tomorrow

What to learn from wuhan virus disaster

2020/07Monthly WiLL

Designate China as a Terrorist Nation (Interview with Masayuki Takayama)

2020/08Monthly Hanada

Long-Awaited Theory of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

2020/09Monthly WiLL

The new Corona 2nd Wave does not come (interview with Yasuhiko Uekubo)

2020/10Monthly WiLL

I say it as many times as I want. Corona is an asymptomatic cold (interview with Yasuhiko Uekubo)

2020/11Monthly Hanada

Address to Prime Minister Masanori Kan The Ideal Road to Prime Minister

2020/11The Breath of Japan

What the Abe administration left behind

2020/11Monthly WiLL

Prime Minister Abe regained Japan (interview with Mr. Rui Ahiru)

2020/12Monthly WiLL

Did you fulfill accountability for allegations of misconduct in research funds (interview with Masayuki Takayama)


Monthly Hanada

Prime Minister Kan, a true conservative government


Monthly Hanada

Abnormal prosecution leaks abe sabotage


Monthly Hanada

Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of Tokyo Doctor' s "Vandal Brainwashing Activities"



Critics are producers of society


Monthly Hanada

Yuriko Koike's ambitions are frustrated


Monthly Hanada

Asahi's Extortion Lawsuit I Will Not Lose!


Monthly Hanada

Shigeru Omi's Theory of The Dead


Monthly Hanada

Clusters of exiles spreading in Japan


Monthly Hanada

LGBT Bill and Marital Surname (Interview with Tomomi Inada)