He is a literary critic and president of the Japan Institute of Peace Studies. Born in 1967. Graduated from Osaka University Faculty of Letters and Saitama Graduate School. He received the 18th Seiron Shinpu Award sponsored by the Fuji Sankei Group, the Special Award at the 1st Japan Revitalization Awards sponsored by the APA Foundation, and the Grand Prize in the Kodo Book of the Year 2019. Specializes in modern Japanese literature and 19th century German music. His books include "Promised Day Shinzo Abe Trial Theory" (Gentosha), "Chapter 21 After Hideo Kobayashi" (Gentosha), "Peace of the Emperor: The Issues of the Abe Era" (Sankei Shimbun Publishing), "The Largest News Crime in the Postwar Period by the Asahi Shimbun" (Asuka Shinsha), "Showa History of War That Can Be Read At Once" (Fusosha), "Heiseiki" (Seirindo), "Furtvengler and Karajan" (Seirindo) Is there a future in classical music?" (Keibunsha Shobo), "The New Corona" (Interview with Professor Yasuhiko Uekubo of Kyoto University, WAC BUNKO 327) and many others.

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Back in the days…

While at Osaka University, he published and presided over the literary doujinshi "A Grain of A Grain", and published many literary and social criticisms. The acquaintance of Fukuda Tsunei and music critic's Toyama ichiyo is obtained through the donation of this magazine, and it is privately good to both. In 2003, "Yasunari Kawabata's 'Koto'" contributed to the editorial department of the literary magazine "Shincho" on the recommendation of Kazuyuki Toyama became the finalist of the 35th Shincho Newcomer Award and the commentary category.