Conservative Declaration (Fusosha) – 2021/3/21

"Conservatives all over the world, unite!" 」
Authoritarian states that rise in the wake of coronal evils, unscrupulous individualism, speech that is sealed in the name of human rights.
Where are we going?
Reexaive the "power of thought" to protect Japan and the world!

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Kuni and Hete Maz – 2020/11/26

Starting with the shocking new article "New Tokyo Court Theory – The Disease of Not Fighting", "The Anniversary of the Death of The Third Predecessor" that drew 50 years after Yukio Mishima's death, Manyoshu, Edo thought, literary theory that talks to the fullest from Hideo Kobayashi to Shinzo Abe, essay collection of the gem of thought theory!

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New Corona (WAC BUNKO 327)–2020/9/27

"The novel coronavirus is a scary virus that humanity has never experienced", "Japanese people die more than 400,000 as it is", "It is negligence of the Abe administration that all applicants cannot do PCR tests", "As strong as the Spanish cold, the second and third waves hit"…
In this way, the Japanese have been fueled by anxiety.
However, here, "Scientifically, Japan has established population immunity, so corona will soon converge, and the Tokyo Olympics can be held without any problems." This is Yasuhiko Kubo, a professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University. At this rate, irresponsible media and experts' weak evidence threatens and threatens the economy to fall, and the number of bankruptcies and suicides could increase dramatically. Mr. Uekubo, who has a wide range of research fields, is also a virus specialist who was certified as a credit holder of immunology at Kyoto University School of Medicine. As a result of researching the state of infection in Japan and the world, Kamikubo said, "The group immunology can explain everything. In addition to this theory, if there is a theory that can explain this situation, please let me know! Mr. Uekubo, who answered an interview with the critic Eitaro Ogawa, revolt all the "lies" of the new corona so far!

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Furtwängler and Karajan: Is there a future for classical music (Keibunsha Shobo)– 2019/7/16

30 years after Karajan's death

A full-fledged
theory following 13 years of writing, "The Promised Day Shinzo Abe Essay", "Chapter 21 after Hideo Kobayashi" and "Heisei".
On the theme of a violent human drama and fate play of the genius of two performers, the author who challenged the "question" of what "beauty" is!
Furtwängler and Karajan- this book depicts and discusses the art of command that these two of them most highly symbolized, using the form of several conductor theories that I consider most important, through various angles and styles. (Abbreviated)
The light motif to me is conflict, adjustment, and harmony with "Nation" and the spiritual evolution of humanity. This book is the one that the art of the command which is the object of love and the concern for the longest time to me was treated from the front for the first time.
Now, the reader is invited to a violent man play and the fate play of Furtwängler, Karajan, and these two people.

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Heisei (Seirindo)– 2019/5/23

From the end of the Showa era, the concession of the emperor,
Vividly depicting the new emperor's encounter,
Standard great edition of Heisei history

500 sheets of Ogawa Eitaro's whole body at
Starting with the emperor and empress's song,
Political Economy, Culture,
International Genres
Every year, it talks in a mixed manner and makes you read at once!

chronology to write your history
Vivid and hot history books are here now!
What were you doing then!?

Title: Kobo Kanashiki (The 13th Tejima Right Lord Award)

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To the left-handed people! Rebuttal of Authentic Maintenance (Asuka Shinsha) – 2019/2/1

・ Asahi 50 million yen lawsuit, "Shincho 45" discontinuation riot, Mori Kake opposition party and media, Shinjiro Koizumi, Shigeru Ishiba and others "post-Abe" thorough verification, criticism of "work style reform" … The debater that the left wants to silence most now, the book of forbidden!
・ To tell the truth, it is made to beaten in the bag, and it is extermination. If the countless slander of labeling passes, my theory is an objection to the world that will be "something that was somehow" .
・ Speech battles that challenge taboos, frontline reports.

"The reaction of the fierce major media that one author had never experienced before, such as a lawsuit of 50 million yen and the discontinuation of a magazine, and the reaction of the media and the speech world that kept hiding my theory and my existence so as not to make my existence a social problem –
What is this strange gap due to?"

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Thorough Verification: Merits and Demerits of the Abe Administration (Goku Shuppan) – 2018/9/3

"I will not allow Abe politics" ▼ It is a slogan seen on TV, the Internet, or on the streets in the past few years. It's as if the "Abe-Gurai" whirlwind is covering Japan. What on earth is so bad about Abe politics? Have the lives and property of the people not been protected? As opposition lawmakers point out, was Japan "out of the mosquito net" in the international community? ▼But the reality is that the second Abe administration has been going on for five years and eight months. In the meantime, if the mismanagement and mismanagement really continued, the government should have fallen as long as it is a democratic country. ▼In order to elucidate the mystery, Eitaro Ogawa, author of the shocking bestseller "Moritomo-Kake Incident" (Asuka Shinsha), rigorously examines the core of Abe politics along the three axes of Abenomics, diplomacy, and security. The whole picture of Abe politics and the challenges ahead will come into view!

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Showa History of War at Once (Fusosha Shinsho) – 2018/7/1

Why did Japan advance to the continent?
Why did you start a war with America?
And why didn't we embark on early peace?

Japan has suddenly risen to the world's great powers. The dream of the appearance of a great Empire in Asia seen while being at the mercy of various conspiracies of the British, American, German, Soviet, and Chinese Communist Party …. However, it was completely lacking in elites who should have the coldest strategic eye. The ruin of Japan was led by moderation and diplomacy with no strategy. Analyze "war" and Showa history from a strategic point of view! Why did Japan make a mistake?

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Enemies of Democracy (Qinglindo) – 2018/7/20

Liberal hypocrisy destroys democracy!
Can the people be happy by the overemphasis of minority opinions?

A special talk by Eitaro Ogawa, a man who fights with The Asahi Shimbun with Sugita Mizumi, a member of the House of Representatives!

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Declaration of war: From the fight with the Asahi Shimbun and the circumstances behind "Morikake", to the living in Japan, customs, and dark rights, we will cut into Japanese taboos! (Tokuma Shoten) – 2018/3/13

Don't talk, it's dangerous! Mr. Eitaro Ogawa, who was sued by the Asahi Shimbun, received a protest from the Asahi Shimbun for "Asahi, Die", and Yasushi Adachi, who was raised a disciplinary motion in the Diet for an opposition party attack. Why do they denounce asahi and opposition parties? Democratic Progressive Party, NHK, BPO, Zainichi, Pachinko, Soap … Exposing the existence of "too deep taboos" lurking in such countries and the realities of the power of selling countries that distort Japan, he warns against the crisis of democracy. Kihei Maekawa, former UnderSecretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, also conducted an encounter bar survey that was "poverty investigation"! No more yaba! !

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"Thorough verification TV report "噓" (Seirindo) – 2017/11/21

Now it's TV!

"Sunday Morning" "News Station"
"Hiruobi" "NEWS23" "Information Live Miyaneya"
"Hoax coverage" by these fake news.
What should we viewers do?!

〈Table of Contents〉
Chapter 1 Runaway TV Election Coverage
Chapter 2 The Nightmare
of Security Legislation Reporting
Chapter 3 Danger Zone where Information Construction Is Mixed In: North Korea's Report
by Television
Chapter 4 "Trap" called "News Station"
Chapter 5 Sunday Morning: Sunday and Morning Melancholy
The Final Chapter: Tv Is Terrible, And What Should Viewers Do?
Reference material at the end of the book TBS's statement on matters that are considered to be a serious and clear violation of Article 4 of the Broadcasting Act

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Thorough verification "Moritomo-Kake Incident" – The Asahi Shimbun's Largest Postwar News Crime (Monthly Hanada Shusho) – 2017/10/18

・ Abnormal incitement of "Abe-bashing" for more than 150 days

・ How did the Asahi Shimbun tailor the "Abe administration scandal", and how did the administration get stuck in this barren device?

・ You can see the "true Moritomo Kake problem" that does not convey any news and is rather intentionally concealed!

・ Fact-based "news crime" accusations based on objective verification of time series and numerous interviews

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Peace of the Emperor: Peace in Article 9: Issues in the Abe Era (Sankei Shimbun Publishing 2017/9/1)

The crisis that Abe's beating keeps hiding

What is peace for Japan now that is turbulent at home and abroad?
The author who portrayed the Prime Minister in the bestseller "Promised Day" looks at the era.
Facing Japan's Greatest Deception

Japan's unique spirit of peace and article 9 of the Constitution have nothing to do with pacifism.
Japan's "peace" is a thought forged by history and is at the core of the Japanese spirit. However, Article 9 of the Constitution is not "Spirit" but only the text of the law.
In modern Japan, the word "peace" is not a circuit to the beautiful historical way of the Japanese, but a spell of stopping thinking, and it has become a convenient tool for people who aim to crush Japan.
We must rescue the spirit of "peace" from Article 9, reposition it correctly in the national constitution, and deliver legitimate security from Article 9.

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Why TV Stations Don't Obey the Broadcasting Act: Questioning the Meaning of Democracy (KK Bestsellers – 2016/6/25)

Why do TVs repeat "biased coverage"?
Why don't you observe the "Broadcasting Act"?!
And what is "democracy"?
"I think TBS is equivalent to dead today" Tetsuya Chikushi (March 25, 1996) – 20 years since
Crime-level illegal reporting, sore stories, labelling, ignorant newscasters.
The deterioration of the TV does not stop! Tv is dead twice! !
Two disputants calmly ignore Article 4 of the Broadcasting Act and continue to overrun the "right to know" of our people.
It's time to regain the public property of "radio waves" from TV stations that cling to "radio rights" while claiming "freedom of speech"! It is one book of the Japanese must-read

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Chapter 21 after Hideo Kobayashi (Gentosha – 2015/8/31)

The crisis in this country is not in politics or economy.
Only the loss of the spirit which becomes the nucleus of the emptiness of the national language and literature ,that is, the Japanese is the most serious crisis.
The author who is thought to be Hideo Kobayashi's legitimate successor challenges the reproduction of the spirit and the culture of Japan through the criticism of Dostoevsky, Furtwängler, Yasunari Kawabata, and Keiichiro Hirano, etc. A collection of full-fledged literary commentaries full of sincere ambitions.

"Chapter 21 After Hideo Kobayashi" Famous Words Bot

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Showa History of War at Once (KK Bestsellers – 2015/8/8)

What did the Japanese protect and what did they lose?
70 years after the end of World War II, we reexaquired the future "war" –
A new innovation in modern japanese history! !
Because it is "word" + "history", the flow of history is understood well!
Read 384 pages at once! !
The turbulent era from the "Roh Mizo bridge incident" to "Tamaon Broadcasting".
Kanji Ishihara, Fumimaro Konoe, 56 Yamamoto, Hideki Tojo, Roosevelt, Churchill, de Gaulle, Mao Zedong, Kosukeishi, Osamu Dazai, Hideo Kobayashi, and Emperor Showa….
The meaning of the previous war is clarified from [word] at that time.
This is a book about "thinking about war" presented in Hazuki for 70 years after the war.

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The Origin of Maintenance: "Maintenance" Saves Japan (Kairyusha – 2015/2/13)

Emperor, Constitution, Self-Defense, Sovereignty, History Education…
For the first time, we will reveal the essence of Japanese maintenance that was not properly talked about!
● Learn from Saigo-san [origin of maintenance]
– Tracing
the feat of the Meiji Constitution incorporating the National Constitution of Japan
– Globalism destroys Japan?
– Rethink the true appearance of the forgotten Emperor

What is maintenance that values? In the rapidly changing domestic and international situations and values,
Is there anything that should be protected without wavering? (-Excerpt from "Introduction")

From kojiki and Nihon Shoki, from the Confucian scholars of The Sacred Prince's Shoji and Edo, Yomeigaku,
Saigo Takamori, the Meiji constitution, and the topic did not get tired even if it extended from the honorary theory at the end of shogunate.
Hopefully this book will be read by the younger generation. (Excerpt from "Oitsu")

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Last Chance (PHP Institute – 2014/7/12)

I have written two books related to Shinzo Abe, "The Promised Day Shinzo Abe Essay" and "The Fate of the State – The Abe Administration: A Document of Miracles," and this book is different from those political documents. In this book, I kept asking what it means to maintain Japan in other words, the attitude of the spirit as a Japanese.
My position is consistent. Politically, this is the last minute crisis and battlefield for Japan. And no one is more suitable as Prime Minister Abe as the general of the fight, and while Mr. Abe is prime minister — while he is prime minister — we must make as concrete as possible the results to rebuild and protect Japan as "one soldier". On the other hand, in terms of ideology, it is important to continue to think in principle what Japan is and how to determine the course of Japan's domestic diplomacy.
(Eitaro Ogawa/ Excerpt from this book "Introduction")

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Eternal 0 and the Japanese (Gentosha Shinsho – 2013/12/12)

Hisazo Miyabe, the main character of "Eternal 0 [Zero]", who volunteered for suicide attack while continuing to say that "I will definitely live and return for my wife and daughter". The strong life and the death attach the question which has run away from facing us "What was the suicide attack?" and "Why did the Japanese fight that war?". From the movie "Eternal 0 [Zero]", "Kaze Tachin", "Emperor of the End of The War", the novel "Eternal 0 [Zero]", and the suicide squad members' will. Through careful reading, this is a thrilling book of thought that encourages awakening to Japanese people who have lived a peaceful and empty life on the pretense of "postwar" peace.

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Fate of the State Abe Administration Miraculous Document (Gentosha – 2013/6/14)

The Abe administration was just in time.
It is a miraculous regime.

Summer 2013. Japan was in danger of worsening deflation, territorial violations by China and South Korea, and unprecedented internal and external problems. What would have happened if the DPJ administration had continued as it was? In order to save this country, it is an impressive nonfiction that vividly depicts the trajectory of a new battle of a rare politician who came back with his life from the bottom of hell with the technique of literary criticism.

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The Promised Day Shinzo Abe's Essay (Gentosha – 2012/9/3)

What I've accomplished. that you can't play.

Why did a politician who tried to change Japan with a clear philosophy and decisive execution power throw out the political power in only one year? What did the short-lived Cabinet accomplish and what could not achieve? Literary critics critics describe the dramatic setbacks and conflicts.
A thrilling attempt to make politicians who are at the opposite edge of literature, while liken to Yoshida Shoin and Mishima Yukio.

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